I’m moving into an apartment this Saturday, and the fees due at move in are pretty daunting. Commissions have never been more open. Thanks to everyone who’s helped me get this far. Absolutely anything helps. Send me a message if you’re interested. Rates and commission info can be found here:



Important Announcement

Hey everyone,

First off, I’d like to say a big thank you to everyone who’s commissioned me in the past. It’s such a great feeling to generate a little income by doing something I love, and every single commission I’ve received has helped me vastly. Sometimes it’s the difference between being able to get a textbook right away, or being able to take an extra course.

Now, however, the stakes are a little higher. If all goes according to plan, myself and two others will be moving into an apartment by either late March or early April. It’s been a very meticulously thought-out process, and I’m both excited and nervous about this next big leap into the realm of adulthood. That said, if you’ve ever considered asking me for a commission, there’s no time like the present! In this case it could mean an extra piece of furniture for us, extra food, or a little extra for next month’s rent. Anything would seriously help.

Again, I really can’t express the gratitude I have for the massive amount of support I’ve received over the past couple years. It makes doing what I love that much more enjoyable. Even if you haven’t ever commissioned me, just helping spread the word is enough in itself. Thanks again. I’ll keep you all posted as things develop.

God bless,