Pathfinder Sketches


So to get this blog rolling, I thought I’d share what I’ve been working on in my spare time recently. Featured above are some sketches of my Pathfinder character, Tannis Edgarth. Developing her look has been an absolute blast, and I find myself drawing her all the time. Her design is loosely based on the character Stein from the manga “Soul Eater”, as well as concept art from various zombie/survival horror games.



Hello, and welcome to my new sketch blog.

Over the last year or so, I’ve often thought about creating a separate blog for the sake of posting my sketches and discussing some of my artwork and various techniques I’ve picked up or stumbled upon. After some deliberation (and a lot of procrastination), I’m finally getting started. 

That said, I’m looking forward to posting some of my work very soon!

Thanks for reading.