Process breakdown + tutorial

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While working on the last in a series of children’s book illustrations, I put together a basic tutorial/breakdown of my digital art process for my patrons. It’s my first time doing one of these and I tried to keep it pretty simple so that Photoshop veterans and art appreciators alike can follow along with ease.

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When beating yourself up amidst your artistic struggles, remember…

  • Michelangelo had no patience for painting detailed backgrounds.
  • Leonardo was unorganized and a huge procrastinator; a lot of his commissions went unfinished and his inability to meet expected deadlines at one point had him avoiding a commissioner’s hometown.
  • Leonardo, being the older of the two arguably equally talented artists, belittled Michelangelo (most likely out of jealousy), advising a certain “anatomical painter” in the privacy of his personal notebooks not to make his figures too gnarled with muscles, lest they resemble a “sack of walnuts”.
  • The majority of celebrated Renaissance art pieces are essentially Biblical and historical fanart; unoriginal subject material with a stylized twist.

Everyone has their artistic faults and there’s no such thing as being above improvement. You’re doing great.


2015 Art Summary

art 2015

Art wasn’t as huge a focus this year after getting engaged, married, moving, and changing jobs twice. That said, there’re a few WIP’s and teasers from illustration projects slipped in here to fill in the gaps, but it’s nice to be able to look back from an extremely busy year and still see artwork getting done.