Artist Summary 2022

2022 was full of experimenting and making things on a whim, consistency be damned. It’s been a year of hurting and healing, and I made a lot of things I’m still proud of. Thanks for the consistency of your support in a very inconsistent year ❤

See you in 2023!

2021 Artist Summary

What a strange year. In spite of battling some pretty intense anxiety and depression for most of 2021, art still got made, and things still got done; in addition to Patreon, I ran an online shop, finished a bunch of commissions, returned to working on Grim Cafe, and even got a couple cons in.

Some of my art goals for the year were to spend more time sketching from life, continuing GC, expanding my comfort zone with backgrounds, and wasting less time on social media and more time working on making my Patreon a better experience for patrons.

Next year I hope to continue pushing my comfort zone with color and composition, working in different mediums, experimenting with more original works, and most importantly, not rushing the process.

This was also my first year working completely independently as an artist and I can honestly say I owe the majority of my output this year to my patrons’ support, encouragement, and input. It’s been a rough one but there’s some stuff here I’m still proud of.

Thanks for being here, and I hope you’ll join me in 2022 🙏💚


2020 Summary of Art

2020 was such a year I forgot to post this here until now. So much has happened in the world and for us personally in the last year I don’t even know where to begin. Amidst the pandemic we bought our first house, lost both of my in-laws within 6 months of one another, started a new business, and everything in between. Considering all we’ve been through, I’m surprised I drew half this much last year. My primary art focuses in 2021 are more comics, dynamic figures, and painting backgrounds. Hope you’ll join me in what I hope will be a year of renewal and growth. Stay safe, follow public guidelines, and get vaccinated when you’re eligible to help protect those who can’t.


2019 Summary of Art

2019 art summary.png

I’m not anywhere near where I wanna be but I’m optimistic about the journey. This was my first year selling at cons + producing a lot of different kinds of merch and I learned a lot. Looking forward to the lessons 2020 has for me.

I’m very critical of the things I make but this year I can actually see growth. I like how the colors get bolder and less cautious haha…this year I got a little less lazy w/ my compositions, next year I hope to focus even more on story-telling and more dynamic illustration.

The support I’ve received this year alone is also humbling and overwhelming. Thank you all for a great year and I hope to have your support in 2020 🙂


2015 Art Summary

art 2015

Art wasn’t as huge a focus this year after getting engaged, married, moving, and changing jobs twice. That said, there’re a few WIP’s and teasers from illustration projects slipped in here to fill in the gaps, but it’s nice to be able to look back from an extremely busy year and still see artwork getting done.