When beating yourself up amidst your artistic struggles, remember…

  • Michelangelo had no patience for painting detailed backgrounds.
  • Leonardo was unorganized and a huge procrastinator; a lot of his commissions went unfinished and his inability to meet expected deadlines at one point had him avoiding a commissioner’s hometown.
  • Leonardo, being the older of the two arguably equally talented artists, belittled Michelangelo (most likely out of jealousy), advising a certain “anatomical painter” in the privacy of his personal notebooks not to make his figures too gnarled with muscles, lest they resemble a “sack of walnuts”.
  • The majority of celebrated Renaissance art pieces are essentially Biblical and historical fanart; unoriginal subject material with a stylized twist.

Everyone has their artistic faults and there’s no such thing as being above improvement. You’re doing great.


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